Increase the Chinese they buy on the web. It is an additional opportunity for international brands. But as the China 2016 online purchase experience reports to gain Chinese consumers, it is well suited to the peculiarities of Chinese online shopping experience. Chinese people increasingly connected and attracted by online shopping. According to the latest data released by the Chinese Internet Information Center (Cnnic), in December, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 731 million, recording an increase of nearly 43 million in the year, equal to 6.2%. Over half of the Chinese population, therefore, surf the net, mostly through smartphones, used by 95% of users. And the spread of payment systems like WeChat Pay and Alipay has translated into a boom in online shopping. From shopping to supermarket and movie tickets, to the bill of the restaurant, taxis, and bill, without renouncing foreign products, there are more and more Chinese people who choose to buy and pay with a click from their cell phone. Last year, 67.5% of Chinese Internet users made at least one online purchase from the smartphone against 57.7% in 2015. A trend of online shopping that can not be ignored by those looking to the Chinese market. But to succeed in carving out space and winning Chinese consumers, it’s good to keep in mind that China’s online shopping experience has its peculiarities, which distinguish it from the western one. According to the China B2C E-commerce Report 2016, developed in recent months by Ecommerce Europe Research, the most successful products on the web are home and gardening items, followed by clothing, which last year recorded An increase of 24.3%, from shoes and hi-tech. For their online shopping, the Chinese choose almost exclusively local platforms, through which they like to buy international brands. In 2014, only 0.3% of purchases were made on Amazon against 86.2% passed through Alibaba, China’s e-commerce giant, followed by several lengths by JD, which won the 4th, 2% of transactions. The main reasons why Chinese people are likely to buy foreign products are the quality assurance, low costs, the fact that they are not available in China, the preference for a given brand, the wide variety of supplies and the Never having used foreign products. According to the Ecommerce Europe Research report last year, the types of foreign goods that were most successful in China were cosmetics, food, maternity and childcare articles, clothing and footwear.

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